Thursday, September 27, 2012

“Am I Pretty Now?!” He Asked Vehemently.

So I recently purchased some red ankle jeans. I was mostly excited because they’re red. Oh, so colourful, so perfect for fall. Little did I know, ankle jeans are a new style, actually they’ve been around for a while. Took off in spring, from what I know. But that just goes to show how on top of things I am.

Anyways, ankle jeans are like skinny jeans, but categorized by their short inseam. Which, if you have been following fashion rules for all your life, you know is a BIG FAUX PAS. Always find clothes that fit, pants shouldn’t show your socks when you sit, and so on.

Not the case with these; now I don’t mind a shorter inseam once in a while, and on my legs that’s 31” at the most. At least I’m learning this now, right? Well the pants I ordered are 29 inches long. I didn’t seem to think 2 inches would make a lot of difference when I found them. I mean, I could have chose the 28” inseam, right?

But they finally arrive and I try them on; I feel a bit too tall, and not in a good way. I’m only 5’8”, and for women, they are categorized tall after 5’7”. So I’m not a total freak, just on the borders of it. Maybe kind of falling off the edge of it. Okay yes I’m a freak and I go to lengths to stay that way.

Here are some self shots; I tried to pull off the trend with the ankle boots and wearing a black/white top. I think it worked a little, but I’m still not fond of how short me pants be.

Guess jeans red brittney pants skinny roxy dress coloured ankleSkinny coloured jeans red guess brittney anklekismet audry stripe red guess jeans coloured brittney elizabeth slub cardigan ankleguess jeans brittney lace white button up coloured pants ankle skinnyFlannel grey red pants skinny ankle boots animal print colour coloured rockstarGuess brittney red skinny jeans pants ankle boots sliver black ruffles shirt

I apologize for the lighting and not using flash. So what do you guys think? Should people be able to see your ankles if you’re wearing pants? I want to know other peoples opinion on this trend, or just coloured jeans in general. Here are some of my favourite colour jeans I own:

purple pants jeans skinny coloured coloured jeans teal pants blue green skinny