Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Elaboration outside of the laboratory.

Now to elaborate on the last Big Bang Theory episode:

Episode 68: The Desperation Emanation.

The part here that had me laughing the most was at the end, when Sheldon and Amy were talking via webcam to Amy’s mom. Sheldon leaning into the frame to say he has regular intercourse with her daughter was just too funny. It’s so difficult to tell when those two are joking. Ending the conversation with, “My loins ache for Sheldon.” was too much for the flabbergasted mother. Hilarious. And too much for me, as well, it seems. I could not stifle those laughs.

And Leonard, poor Leonard; lying on the couch. How I feel pity. I hope he is not so sour in the next episode. I believe Penny will come to her senses sooner or later. But Leonard needs to get a hold of himself first, before that happens. Unless they introduce a very appealing character, I will not be happy if Leonard ends up with a different girl other than Penny. It’s so cute, because he’s so short, and wears glasses. Someone needs to slap him though. He can’t fill any void in himself with girls and sex for very long. Leonard really is the true lecher. I often feel sad for the character though, when his childhood is mentioned. All very entertaining and keeps me hooked, for sure. Now I’ve developed emotional attachments for the characters. Most positively, I will enjoy this show for the next 4 years, I’ll be in my early-to-mid twenties by then. Kind of funny to think of.

But who can predict what will happen, except the writers. They already know where the story is going to end up.

At the end of that 70’s show, they were going to college. Eric and Donna got married, if I remember correctly, but it didn’t work out for them and then Eric went to Africa to volunteer or work and help, and what not. Donna was dating that new character for a while. Also, Kelso became a police officer and had a daughter. (of course, who didn’t see that coming) Nice touch though. I don’t remember what became of the rest of the gang. But from just that little bit, I can tell that most of it was predictably, what those character’s would do. Eric and Donna’s relationship was there from the beginning, of course Eric would eventually run away, and Kelso’s womanizing ways and dim wits would land him with a child (did it really take that long?)

Anyways, with The Big Bang Theory being so popular, there’s no doubt it will squeeze up to seven seasons. How will it end? I guess I’ll just have to watch once a week. (Don’t make me wait two weeks in between episodes like the last season.)