Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally is not Finality.

Yes! Finally! If you watched the Big Bang Theory episode that aired on Thursday, October 14, then you may understand.

The episode also known as Hot Troll Deviation. Now you know why I’m so excited, right?

*There Will Most Likely Be Spoilers*

I read some reviews about it, but they mostly stated how much they like the on-going Sheldon and Raj feud. Then again I only read two reviews. Nevertheless, I like Raj, and Sheldon is great; but what really made me smile was Howard.  We saw the usual lecherous Wolowitz, as shown by the reason Bernadette and Howard broke up. But then, finally, we see some human emotion from Howard, as he begs Bernadette to forgive him! Could it be? Howard can feel with something more than sexual desires? Sure, it was the desire to have a woman to maim that propelled him, but the fact that he could feel enough to express that desire and confess his feelings gave him more authentic qualities. That Howard Wolowitz could be more than a slimy sleaze-ball in tight pants put a smile on my face. And how Howard was too afraid to express his desires at first when he and Bernadette were originally together also enhances these qualities. Maybe we can see after all, why he’s such a lecher in the first place.

*End Of Possible Spoilers* 

Of course there was the usual laughs, as in any Big Bang Theory, but you can officially count me as a Howard Wolowitz fan. I look forward to seeing how his character develops later on in the season.

Top Five Favourite Big Bang Theory Characters:

5. Penny
4. Sheldon Cooper
3. Rajesh Koothrappali
2. Leonard Hofstadter
1. Howard Wolowitz