Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joy is Ultimate! And that’s a Favourite.

This is a post to express my joy for my ultimately favourite television shows.

Today is Sunday, October 24th; when new episodes of Heartland air on television. Although I probably won’t get around to posting this as soon as that, ah well.

I’ve always felt embarrassment to admit my love for this show. It just seemed too much like a fluffy TV Drama, and really it is. I’ve decided that it’s 100% better than soap operas. (Excuse that, soap fans. Also, why are they called operas? They don’t sing the dialogue.) It’s also just as much better than TV Dramas about teenagers in California, and “reality” television shows that layer on more cheese than rennet from a cows stomach can make. (Those kind of vegan jokes make me chuckle.)

The fact that Heartland is also set in Canada, close to BC, and have even mentioned my hometown several times give it a little boost. Although I’ve never been a horse person, I do love them animals something heavy. Even if I don’t always agree with horses being used that way; have you ever seen an old horse’s back? *tear* Maybe horse’s backs sag that way over time anyways, even without saddles. I wouldn’t know, but I don’t think anyone who’s ever owned a horse would either.

I am enjoying the new season of Heartland more than ever, though. While I’m on the subject of new television show seasons, I should voice my dislike of the new House season. Once listed as one of my favourite shows, I watched the season premier expecting no disappointment. I never liked Cuddy, much less House and Cuddy together. Why should I endure a whole hour of them being sappy? I dislike very much. In my words: I liked it better when House was in the Mental Hospital! Also, in that episode, I hardly remember there being a medical case. The main reason why I watch a doctor drama!

Otherwise, The Big Bang Theory is pleasing. I do enjoy the Sheldon and Amy pair. They can make me giggle. And I hope to see more on Bernadette and Howard. But I get ticked off when Leonard is with any girl other than Penny. I should hope they would get back together but it doesn’t look promising. Leonard is still cute though, any way you put him.

Now, to get to the point! Why I’m enjoying Heartland:

Badger is a nice addition. I can accept him with ease. (Unlike the millions of new additions on House!) He’s nice new eye candy and I do love the relationship between him and Mallory. I can’t wait to see it progress. (Jake is too much of a horse-dork.) I also enjoy how Tai has improved and with Badger around, the improvement is that much more evident. I seem to remember something about Tai training to become a vet. It’s just good personal growth! Tai and Amy’s relationship is smooth-going at last. Finally what viewers have been waiting for! And boy, is he handsome.

Lisa was getting on my nerves in this episode, trying to change the ranch. I couldn’t help but smile with Lou when Serena shot down those plans. Lou’s whole fiasco was a bit annoying, she’s never really my favourite character. But at the ending when she compromised with Peter and hired Serena to be her manager after all, I’ll admit it was a bit beautiful. (Maybe it was the lighting?) At least she came to her senses and finally decided, and she will get to be with Peter. Even though she’s a strong willed character who knows what she wants, I always find Lou to be a bit indecisive until the last minute. Always an annoying trait to watch. But her soft moments are quite touching. Must be the acting. I’m saying she’s a good actor!

I don’t know the Heartland actor’s names. Possibly I’ll be motivated enough to look it up soon. I’ve often found that the actress who plays Amy Fleming wasn’t all that convincing. But you can tell she’s really trying to convey the character in a certain way, so I can over look it. I think she doesn’t want to overdo the tragic, broken character and still is trying to portray the loss a character like that would have to deal with. All in all, I believe she’s improving as an actress.

Top Favourite Direction Television Shows Are Taking:

2. The Big Bang Theory
1. Heartland

Yep, that’s a short list.